Here is a series of photographs intending to document and depict the everyday habits of Londoners during the COVID-19 outbreak and its subsequent lockdown of one of the most populated cities in the world. With old habits banned, Londoners have taken hold of new ones in order to adjust.


Social distancing has become the new way of life. We are instructed to keep a safe distance from others in public settings and refrain from visiting family or friends. Practices which involve taking part in any of these activities as well as siting on a park bench have become a new health taboo for most Londoners.

Once highly crowded and frenetic London sites, such as London Bridge, Covent Garden, Seven Dials, and Westminster Bridge, have now become desolate and barren. Leaving space for the odd and absurd practices to take hold. Practices like daily exercise routines and cello rehearsals in places were mere weeks ago were impossible to walk through without a bump in the shoulder.

These unprecedented times have brought about a new way of life.



This city has never slept, until now. The lockdown has been imposed by the UK Government demanding that all shops and attractions shut down indefinitely. The current trendy hashtag, stayhome, has become a new normality for Londoners, being faithful to a practice which has not been relevant since the Second World War. London has become, as I like to say, a city in siesta.

Every day I venture to explore this city in its unnerving state and capture its essence. Who could have ever imagined that a place that was once so vibrant and eccentric with its 24/7 shops, millions of visitors, and odd locals, could turn into a peaceful and serene place.


The images speak for themselves. London has become a place of boarded up night clubs and chained coffee shop furniture. Where once stood queues now stands nothing.

Meanwhile, London weather has never been better! The sun shines bright as spring takes hold with the blue sky casting its technicolour brilliance over a city that once housed chaos. One question we might ask ourselves, will the city’s brilliance and good weather remain once this all ends?



This series of pictures illustrates an interpretation of a potential future not far from today. How our lives could be if  the idea of social distance continues.

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All images copyright Alex Charovas